DUCK 37 (digital copy)

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A belter of a cover from the boy Barbieri, and an issue simply brimming with Potteries goodness.

A new hope - Rob Doolan on our start to the season
Those were the days - the brilliant Duts and part 1 of his look at the pre-Premier league years
is that the programme, mate? - we chat to Doncaster's ace 'popular STAND'
Two Stokies look at the departure of Arnie
Gloryhunter - book review
Inspiration/Perspiration - two sports, one kid
Crafty - the local beer scene pt2
Trainerspotter - New Balance Tender pack
Last night a DJ made my life - Massive attack's 'Blue lines' album
Every step along the way - August/early September
No grounds for complaint - Man City

...and loads more!