DUCK 44 (printed copy)

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New league, new manager, new season, NEW ISSUE!

Orders sent out Wednesday 1st August.

Like the Renegade Master, here we are - and we’ve got a massive Stoke legend as our interviewee in this issue: ALAN HUDSON.

He talks candidly and openly about his time at Stoke, England snubs, life on the Kings Road, Waddo, America......

Orfy’s two page diary

Duts, Bunny, Orfy, Rob Doolan and SDH chew the fat over our relegation and impending Championship season in five very different articles.

Henri meets Peter Crouch

The Skids live review

Gareth Copley-Jones’ exhibition of kiln photos.

Dan Strong and his favourite World Cup. And it’s not this one.....

A beer guide to the city whose ground has all the corners filled in.

......and loads more.