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Get the message: A bit of an editorial.
Every step along the way: Orfy’s diary of the season so far. Don’t expect it to be full of smiles
For Pete’s Sake: Apologies for one of the most blindingly-obvious article titles ever. Tom Thower;s take on the Etebo effect deserves far better.
Identity: Merrym’n isn’t an ironically sarcastic name for someone’s take on Stoke City at present. Merrym’n an ace Stoke musician, ace bloke, and this is an ace article.
Lo(o)se Connection: Bunny on the art of getting supporters onside.
AMP: You know music is mint. And if you’re read DP before in DUCK you’ll know his writing is mint. Here’s his mint homage to The Rolling Stones.
Cradle to Grave: Featuring all-round good egg, Stokie, and Congleton’s finest - Roger Malkin.
Park Life: Two Stokies, chasing the Champions League dream. In Oswestry
Swiss Miss: Amazingly, we don’t title an article on Xherdan Shaqiri with Love Shaq or Shaq Attack. Here’s Rob Doolan’s superbly crafted 1600 words on the man.
Movers and Shakers: No, it’s not about great dancers who are Bury FC fans. It’s our feature on the good folk of S-O-T. This issue, the lovely Nathan Walton.
Balance: “He’s not on about those bloody training shoes again!!!!??!?!?!??!” Nope, it’s Lee Cork’s considered opinion on the shape of our team.
Suited and Booted: If you listen to the Wizards of Drivel podcast, like me you’ll laugh like a little kid every time when Dave Cowlishaw says “Dog p***”. He doesn’t say it here, but it’s a lovely look at the world of folk who dress up as big bees and boilers.
Crafty: The Beerdman visits Bottlecraft. As every single one of you should.
The best league in the world?: Kyle Norbury amazingly wants to chat to Bunny about football.
The Dutiful South: Orfy natters with the good folk at Stoke City Southern Supporters Club.