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Sent out Friday 19th October

Clint makes our day: Five page interview with Clint Hill. Dynamite.
Trainer Potter: We chat to adidas Spezial's main man, Gary Aspden, about the new drop.
Every step along the way: Orfy’s diary of the season so far. A better month.
25 things: That we don't miss about The Premier League.
Commercial Break: Rob Doolan, the main man, writes words about Stoke City. Ace, as usual.
Get the message: Stevo's take on slagging Stoke players on social media.
Where were you., where were you....: Bunny's look at the 87/88 season. The football, the music, the clobber, mates etc etc. The whopper.
Two Stokies, chasing the Champions League dream. In Oswestry
4Midable: Craig meakin's four lovely things.
Duckulture: Films and elpees.
Topher Knowles fingers do his magic on the Regis puddle.
The Championship: David Cowlishaw on our new surroundings.
Business as usual: The inimitable Duts and his views on TV messing fans about. He's against it!
Love enough for two: Stoke fan David Riley and his love for Oviedo.
Crafty: The Beerdman visits Stockport. Daft things they were when they thought we had a rivalry, but it is ace for ale!