DUCK 48 (print copy)

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ome of the lovely stuff we have in this month's issue...

Tom Edwards interview: We speak to our teenage full back about his time in the academy, family life, playing for Stoke and England, and his love of trainers.

Every step along the way: Orfy’s diary of the season. He looks at the last 6 weeks, so it’s full of fun!

The train game: Peter Kennedy’s take on the very best way to travel to a football match.

An unpopular opinion: It’s been a bit toxic lately in the bet365, hasn’t it? Si writes about whether the stick for our last manager went a bit too far.

Boxing Day: A really stunning tribute to his sadly departed Stoke-loving dad by Pete, and why Boxing Day matches have a special place in the footballing calendar.

The Flying Dutchman: Rob Doolan x Peter Hoekstra. You know it’ll be 1600 of quality, don’t you?

Movers & Shakers: We talk to one of the stalwarts and main players from the local brewing scene – Keith Bott from Titanic Brewery.

100%ers: In a new feature we look at Stoke players who were underrated and really did give everything for the shirt. Our first one is Ray Wallace.

The Trent and The Mersey: Dave Proudlove examines the modern day ties between The Potters and The Toffees.

Golden Delicious: A clubbing mecca is Stoke, and Golden was right up there. Bunny looks at a club night that put us top of the league.



Image of DUCK 48 (print copy)