DUCK 75 (digital copy)

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60 pages and features an exclusive interview with HARRY SOUTTAR.......right to your inbox!

The main feature is a huge six page interview with the big man as he talks to us about family life in Scotland; growing up playing football with his brother John; why he chose Australia; how he ended up at Stoke; his injury; MON; his hopes for the future; and hiding uneaten vegetables in his clothes draw!

Other articles include:
Rich's Pickings
25 years of The Brit
There’s No Place Like Home
Doctor Proctor
Get the message
The Stokie Groundhopper
City 'til I die?
Cola Boy & Eric Skeels book reviews
Iron Lady
Rich's Pickings
Pressing concerns
The Confessional
A Potter's tale
20th April 2013

There's absolutely tons of great reading in here. Don't miss out, once again, this will sell out! (we hope)