DUCK issue 53 (September 2019) - Print copy

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Image of DUCK issue 53 (September 2019) - Print copy

Our new issue, and we reckon it’s our best yet. 40 lovely pages, including:

A five-page interview with TERRY CONROY. The Stoek legend talks (and talks…..) about his life in Ireland and at Stoke, and his brush with death in 2011. Top bloke and a top interview.

Every step along the way: Our diary of August 2019. Heads-up, it’s a crap month!

Millennium Men: Rob Doolan’s fond look at our 2000 AutoWindowy Thingy winning team

4Midable: The under 23’s, ace BBQ guests…and the like

Stars and red and white stripes: An American Stokie, on the lookout for the lad who got him into Stoke.

The lovely Topher Knowles cartoon: Recreating Muni’s goal.

Cradle to Grave: The life and times of a Stokie - Cockmey Ted.

Ballers in the USA: Dave Proudlove’s take on the NASL and Stoke’s involvement in it

Don’t worry ‘bout a thing?: The current state of the team - Dan Strong has his say

They always let you down: Tim Gallimore’s five worst Stoke-watching moments - from a gigantic, Andrex-like list

Image rights: One photo. A dad and his lad.

Get the message: The editorial bit

Junior Munchen Loan Pack: Utch Stokie looks at our relationship with St Pauli and asks if we should be looking higher?
….and loads more.