Duck issue 62

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We talk to Mike about his early years at Man City; joining us from Norwich; his record breaking scoring streak; Potteries derbies; and leaving the club.

Every step along the away: Our diary of the season - September/October

Rich's Pickings: Jamo looks at the shape ofg the team

Football isn't back: Our editorial dismisses the claims of the national media about our belived sport.

Lady D: Our tribute to the brilliant Denise Johnson

A month in time: we look at a classic month in the Potters' histrory. This time it's September 1982

Listful and wistful: Looking at the dilemna faced by clubs about fans in stadia and seaon tickets

Systems thinking: 5-3-2/3-5-2.....Tim Gallimore has his say

The Years of Angst: One fine man, supporting Stoke City for almost six decades

....and lots more!

What a waste: Local lads who have worn the stripes

Three 'n Easy: 3 moments in time and 3 Potters' memories

The Flowerer: The story of a yesteryear Potter's player. Alf Underwood

Elevens: An Underarated Stoke XI

A Potters Tale: We look at the life of a Stokie